Venue Styling and Ceilings

//Venue Styling and Ceilings
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We can work with you to create floral or foliage accents to enhance and work in combination with your venue styling. Foliage garlands can be used for draping down the edges of curtained entranceways. We can also create foliage or floral tie-backs. We can style up swings, bars and even balloon strings with floral or foliage decoration. We can also create hanging chandeliers and other ceiling decoration specific to your venue.

Tie backs from £50 + VAT each

Curtain draping from £85 + VAT

Chandeliers from £215 + VAT

Garlands from £85 + VAT per 6ft length

Swing rope decoration from £85 + VAT

Balloon strings from £20 + VAT each

Bar decoration from £85 + VAT

Table plan decoration from £25 + VAT