Whether you are looking for a foliage filled rustic hand-tie or something more formal, we can work with you to design the perfect bouquet. We will look at your dress design, the colours for your day and the overall theme to come up with something fitting, spectacular and most definitely personal to you.

Prices start from: £85 + VAT for a hand-tie bouquet with mix of foliage and fresh, seasonal flowers


Your Bridesmaids bouquets can be created as smaller versions of the bridal bouquet or something different but complimentary. Again, we will look at styles and colours of dresses to ensure the bridal party has a consistent look and feel.  We can also accommodate miniature versions of the bouquets for young Bridesmaids and Flower Girls.

Prices start from:

£55 + VAT for Bridesmaids hand-tied bouquets

£35 + VAT for Flower Girls

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