This Sunday is Mother’s Day and we wanted to dedicate this week’s blog musings to the wonderful women in our lives.

For the mother-of-the-bride, the mother-of-the-groom, mother-to-be-brides and a shout out to all those other people who stand in as mother’s when needed: single fathers, step-mothers, grandmas, grandads, aunties, godmothers and friends. We love you.

Mothers and stand-in-mothers are amazing – they’re always there for us with moral and practical support.

Keeping us cool, both emotionally and physically.

A shoulder to cry on, fixing our tears, our ties and our wedding dress trains.

Use a part of her wedding dress

If you are having your wedding dress or veil bespoke made, why not think about incorporating a part of your mother’s wedding dress, the silk or lace, into your own dress.

This is a particularly special sentiment if your mother is no longer with you.

Wear her jewellery

Remember those days when you’d rummage through your mum’s or grandma’s expensive jewellery box while she had the radio blaring downstairs and couldn’t hear you? No… just me?! There is something very special about wearing an item of jewellery that you know is sentimental to your mother. This jewellery can be your ‘something old’.

Engagement or wedding ring

If you or your partner has lost your mother, discuss the possibility of recreating an engagement ring or wedding ring from your mum’s jewellery – this way you can ensure that she is not only a part of your wedding day but continues to be a presence and reminder in your everyday life.

Letting her help you dress on the big day

Whether you’re the groom or the bride, your mother would have spent years not only dressing you but also teaching you how to dress yourself.

Let her reminisce to those days by letting her help you with your wedding dress buttons or tying your tie.

Use one of her favourite songs during the ceremony

This may be tough to hear, but most people in your wedding party are likely to have forgotten your wedding ceremony music by the following week. If you use a song that is special to your mother however, you know that she will appreciate and remember that thoughtful addition for the rest of her life.

Ask your mum to walk you down the aisle

Whether you’re the bride or groom, have you thought about asking your mother to walk you down the aisle. It’s not tradition but she is going to be feeling super proud and she’ll enjoy giving you that one last hug before the wedding.

Ensure she can see your face during the ceremony

The tradition in Christian ceremonies is to sit the bride’s guests on the left and the groom’s guests on the right. This tradition has filtered through to many non-religious ceremonies too. However, something I noticed recently at a family wedding, is that if you’re the mother-of-the-bride and stood behind your daughter, when the vows take place and she faces her partner you won’t be able to see her face. If you’re not following tradition, then perhaps consider swapping sides to ensure you can experience that special moment.

Include the mother’s in the ceremony

Instead of asking the best man to pass the rings – why not ask the mother-of-the-bride and mother-of-the-groom to do this important aspect of the ceremony.

If following a non-religious ceremony, why not choose to have a unity candle ceremony and light candles from each of your mother’s candles to signify two families joining together.

As the mother of the bride or groom don’t traditionally give a speech during the wedding breakfast, consider asking if your mother would like to do a reading during the ceremony.

Photo of your mother

If your mother is longer with you, have a locket made with a picture of her and attach this to your bouquet or wear it around your neck so that she is with you throughout the day.

Write a thank you letter

Attach a thank you letter to your mother’s wedding seat at the wedding breakfast so that she can read it after your ceremony.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading the ways that you can include your mother in your wedding day. Now, hopefully this blog has acted as a reminder for you if you’ve been busy wedding planning and forgotten it was Mother’s Day approaching. So, book your mum in for a Sunday lunch, buy her a gift and write her a thoughtful card!

You could contact your wedding florist and ask them to create a bunch of flowers for your Mum for Mother’s Day.

And if you’re reading this as a mother yourself, then make sure you hint at your loved ones for something special to celebrate.

I’ll be raising a glass (or bottle) of bubbly with my mum this weekend to say thank you for all that she does for our family.

And just wanted to give a shout out to all those other working mums out there. Kelly who is the founder and owner of NYAID and Ellie, our office and event manager, are both juggling difficult work and home commitments on a daily basis. You’re an inspiration ladies – keep doing what you’re doing.

All photos lovingly taken by Sophie from SMP Weddings  who herself is a mother of two. Thank you for the gorgeous photos Sophie and enjoy your day with your little ones.

Becky, Not Your Average I Do x