It’s here! We are delighted to announce the launch of Not Your Average Flowers.

Not Your Average Flowers perfectly complements our range of ceremony backdrops, table centres, arches and altars and our award-winning venue styling service. By asking us to style your venue and design your flowers, you can be assured that the floral design will complement and flow from the Bridal party through to the venue styling effortlessly.

Floral arrangements have always been a huge part of weddings as a whole, traditionally starting with the bridal bouquet. Now floral arrangements span from the Ceremony decor and altar backdrops to the table centres and large ceiling installations. From a styling perspective it is imperative that the floral design flows effortlessly throughout the day. Not Your Average I Do felt it was the next natural step for us to offer this service to our clients.

In order to make this all possible we have teamed up with the extremely talented Lisa from Cabbage White Flowers,  who is able to create your buttonholes to your bouquets, your table centres to your flower walls, your floral arches to your foliage displays, the possibilities are endless.

In order for you to get to know Lisa a bit better and her floristry style we asked her five questions and here are her answers…

What is the best thing about your job?

There are so many things I love about being a wedding florist. The excitement of meeting newly engaged couples and discussing their ideas. The creative and planning process to inspire them and give them the best I can on their day. The moment you hand over that bridal bouquet and there are tears of happiness. Just everything about it is truly wonderful and I feel privileged to be a part of it.

What was your previous job?

I worked as Business Analyst and Project Manager for a leading Auction House, employed there for the best part of twenty years. Whilst working, and at the suggestion of a friend, I attended night school and worked my way through the levels of City and Guilds in flower arranging. I have a very traditional training but complemented this with creative workshops and courses along the way to get to where I am. I suppose that my background, my Fine Art degree and love of all things arts and crafty means you get the best of everything. Someone with vision and creativity but also with great practical skills and a business background keeping things professional and organised in order to deliver something spectacular and unique on your wedding day.

What is your favourite type of floristry?

I love floristry that is loose and natural with lots of foliage. Arrangements that hark back to the wonderful still life paintings of the Dutch Masters and the early floristry of Constance Spry. I am really influenced by so many things, Interiors, Fashion, Art and Architecture – I think this reflects in my work and keeps my style fresh and original, the reason it’s such a good fit for Not Your Average.

What is your favourite thing to create and why?

I love creating structural pieces – large scale arrangements that are a focal point. It may be an arch, a chandelier or a backdrop but something that’s organic and natural and makes the best use of the flowers and foliage. I try not to have things too contrived and formal, preferring to let the shape and form of the flowers and foliage dictate and direct the shape of the finished piece.


What do you think next years (2019) floral tends will be?

I think we will be seeing a lot more greenery with foliage and grasses being dominant in arrangements and a move from rustic into wild and untamed. With outdoor weddings on the rise, free standing structures and natural arches will be key – large scale arrangements to create a focal point that can be re-used throughout the day. Colours will stay neutral, antiqued and sun-bleached with palettes of nudes and creams and a pop of metallic. I think we will be seeing a lot of pampas grass!


Greenery with foliage

Greenery was Pantone’s colour of the year in 2017 this is something that has in fact continued into 2018 and we believe this is going nowhere. ‘Foliage only weddings’ have become more and more popular (and as Lisa mentioned earlier, foliage weddings are some of her favourites) It’s not just flowers that give the WOW factor, therefore we are seeing more couples moving towards more foliage fewer florals.

Alternative foliage

We predict that the use of foliage may also take a tropical and a more untamed twist too.

As Lisa mentioned, in 2018 Pampas Grass has had a huge increase in popularity within destination weddings, but we believe this will cross the globe to us here in the UK.  If your looking for boho style wedding this is the perfect alternative to the traditional foliage and floral arrangements. The soft feather-like grass can simply add texture and softness to your bouquets or used alone on our moon gate structure, can really create an impact and the perfect backdrop for those all important ‘I Do’s’.



Floral Styling by Floral Impressions, Image by Natalie Norton via Signature Maui

Furthermore botanical and tropical flowers and foliage are becoming more popular! In Fact, at the beginning of this month, we created Lizzie and Charles, Botanical Themed Wedding and we believe they were ahead of the trend.  Their ceremony was framed with our botanical inspired moon gate decorated with a half circle of foliage and additional tropical Monstera and palm leaves for that added WOW factor. In addition, our rustic bar was given a Caribbean twist and framed with a botanical backdrop, full of foliage and a sprinkling of gold Monstera leaves.

Monstera leaves are hugely versatile when it comes to venue decor as a whole. Spray painted in your chosen colour, used as a place setting, decorate your bar, or even used in your bouquet. These Not Your Average leaves are something that we will be using a lot more of in 2019.

Floral Styling by Not Your Average Flowers, Venue Styling by Not Your Average I Do, Images by Charlotte Razzell, second shooting by Jasmine Andrews