Here at Not Your Average I Do we love nothing more than an unusual wedding venue! A space that is not typically used for weddings can give you ample opportunity to get creative. Spaces that are not bound by the usual ‘wedding’ look give you the opportunity to put your own stamp on it, making it your own personalised, magical place for the day. Here are our top 5 unusual spaces we love to transform and why….


1.​ ​Private school​s​
Not many couples think about holding their special day in the grounds of a school. But it really should be the type of venue to consider. Venues of this size have been built to hold large numbers of people in grand, beautiful rooms. Logistically they are all set up to cater for large numbers of guests – from the parking​ available​, the ​size of the rooms​, the beautiful grounds​ and the catering facilities.​ ​
The large function rooms are beautiful with wood panelling, grand sweeping staircases, large fire places and immaculately pruned gardens. A lot of them also have Chapels onsite as well, so you can marry and have the wedding reception in one place.

From a styling POV we ​LOVE​ working at a private school. ​Because they are not typical wedding venues, you really can decorate and style the venue as you wish. They are a blank canvas for you to go to town on! You can bring in grand and romantic themes with lots of lighting and draping or go more traditional ​or​ low key – the choice is yours.​

From a logistical POV they work wonders as well! Because they are not typical wedding venues they don’t usually hold more than one wedding at a weekend giving ​you​ the time to set up and pack away with ease and no stress. It’s great for all of your suppliers involved and takes the stress out of the run up to the day.​ ​View all photos from the Brighton College Wedding.


2. Village hall​s​
T​here are literally hundreds of these amazing gems dotted around the beautiful English countryside and we love them! They are your true blank canvas​ and most ​have ample space for a large party​ – with kitchen facilities, a ​great outdoor ​area​ attached and good parking facilities. ​And don’t let the bland look of a rectangular hall fool you – you really can turn any space into your Pintrest vision! Here at Not Your Average I Do we transformed Chichester Village Hall in Whitley from a typical village hall into a Woodland Wedding Wonderland, with fairy lights and draping covering the ceiling, trees lining the walls, rustic benches and copper chairs for the guests to dine on and a woodland cake area using moss and log slices. It took a team of 6 stylists 2 days to create the look, but the end result was magical! Here’s our video of the set-up:


3. The great outdoors

There is nothing more magical than being surrounded by nature; the fresh green grass under your feet, the bright blue sky above and the open space to really let your hair down and relax. Going back to nature can bring a calm, peaceful and magical element to the most special day of your life. Hiring a field or a woodland area really is going back to basics giving you a complete blank canvas to do as you please. Think ‘Wed Fest’ with festoon lighting, fire pits, glamping and live music or dress it up with a beautiful marquee and an English country garden style drinks reception. Either way, being out in the countryside completely surrounded by nature and your friends and family sounds like the dream! If you are interested in a field wedding, why not have a look at ours… it’s far from average.


4. Warehouse

At Not Your Average I Do o​ur heart truly lies with the warehouse wedding. We love them! The cool, urban​-​chic setting​… minimalist yet interesting, quirky yet ​practical. ​T​hey really are a​ huge​ blank canvas to do what you will. ​H​ere at NYA we love to reflect ​and work with ​the metal, ​concrete and brick ​​used in the space. White voile draping softens the look, whilst fresh green foliage balances the look of the room and works well against the hardness of the concrete and brick. One of our favourites, festoon lighting​, is perfect for an industrial setting -​ enhancing​ the space and giv​ing​ the room a ​soft but ​warm ​glow.​

From a logistical POV a warehouse is a fantastic, practical space that can hold large numbers and typically has large parking facilities and easy access. A win win!

See more warehouse/urban wedding photos here.


5. Vineyards​ ​
When you think of the English countryside, you rarely think of vineyards (unlike France). However, there are literally hundreds of these unexpected beauties​ nestled away, right on your door step. If you catch ​a​ vineyard​ on a beautiful summers day​ ​you​ truly​ feel like you are in the​ beautiful​ south of France. ​These gems create the perfect backdrop for your big day, with their breathtaking views of rolling hills filled with vines and don’t forget the added bonus of exquisite wine literally on tap!​ Most of these venues have large function rooms or marquees to host wedding receptions, they have great facilities and are absolutely stunning!​

The downside to a non-typical wedding venue is they do not usually have the experienced wedding and event managers to help you plan and co-ordinate your day. But do not stress! This is where the Not Your Average I Do team can help!  ​

If you do choose to go for a private school​, village hall, open field, warehouse​ ​or vineyard ​
venue you may wish to take advantage of our set up and style service, on the day management service or ​helpful ​
event staff.​ With literally thousands of weddings under our belt we can help you to plan and co-ordinate your big day so nothing gets ​left out.

​If you have just got engaged but don’t know where to begin then why not sign up to our Wedding Planning tutorial day on the 24th February. Kelly, Director and Founder of NYA will be ​on hand to walk you through all the finer details of how to plan your wedding, she will share with you her insider knowledge and tricks of the trade and even share her trusted supplier list!