Pimm's bar at wedding

Every bride and groom wants their big day to be truly memorable, not just for them but also for all their family and friends.  Creating a few focal points at your wedding will really start conversations and leave a fabulous lasting impression.


The wedding station has been on the rise over the past few years, but it is so much more than a sweet table or cart these days. You could create a wedding station for just about anything, and it is another way to inject your personality into the wedding.


For example if your hubbie-to-be is very much a cigars and whiskey kind of a man, you could create a cigar and whiskey station like the one pictured here. Buy a selection of cigars and whiskeys and have it all arranged nicely, you could even add some sofas or hay bales to give the men their own little chill-out area. Or go all out and get in some armchairs!


Probably one of the most popular drinks stations right now is the “pimp my Pimm’s” guests can add their own fruit and ice to a classic Pimm’s – and this doesn’t have to be the standard mint, strawberries, apple and cucumber there are a number of fruits that could be on offer – melon, raspberries, blackberries, peaches and on the herb side rosemary and thyme really bring out the flavour of the Pimm’s.


If you want to offer more than the classic Pimm’s drink, you could create a few variations:

  1. Add bite – replace the lemonade with ginger ale to give it a bit more bite
  2. Go bubbly – replace the lemonade with prosecco or cava
  3. Go bold – if Pimm’s is a bit on the weak side for your guests, spike it with rum or tequila!
  4. Go flat – if fizz isn’t your thing you could make the Pimm’s with citrus juice and iced tea


One of the other stations we’ve really loved putting together is a fresh lemonade stand – it looked fabulous in the garden wedding and it was a perfect refreshment on the hot summer’s day the lucky couple had. For those who wanted to give it a bit of a kick, they could add vodka or gin to liven it up. What we loved about this is that it was great for the kids too (the non-alcoholic version, of course!)


More and more couples are going with the idea of having a station or two, and we really love the creative ideas that reflect their personalities or mean something to them. If you met over a few shots down the local nightclub, why not create a shot station, could make for an early end to the wedding though!


Please drink responsibly!